Urban Upright & Urban Innovation Australia (UIA)

Welcome to Urban Upright’s first blog post.

I will not be a prolific blogger. I’m under no delusion about how much time people have to read stuff in the crowded place we call the internet.

I will be placing more emphasis on offering talks and presentations. I have lots of ideas relating to ‘Urban Innovation’, good ones at that, I have a message and I have a mission! But like Nancy Duarte says:

The only difference between an idea that is adopted and an idea that dies is the way it is communicated.

And: The way ideas are conveyed most effectively is through storyAnd that’s where my focus will be! On story. And there are so many real stories to tell!

But, as someone once said: “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” I’m preparing to be called that ‘raving lunatic’.

I believe in time I will be vindicated. I’m certainly not alone anymore. I make no apology for wishing to Copenhagenize Australia. The bumper sticker says, ‘Australia, if you don’t love it than f*%# off’. And what? Leave it all to the rednecks and their 4WD’s? I live in a street where people literally consistently drive to other houses of people they know in the same street. It’s a concern. It’s not a long street.

But than I’m not actually here to judge those people who behave in this way. I’m here to argue that a structure that allows and even facilitates this behavior also diminishes the economic competitiveness and the overall attractiveness of ‘place’. It is boring, it is staid, it is diminishing and our kids increasingly want no part of it. It also creates a financial liability that local area governments cannot keep pace with.

I’m a financial member of the US based (& US centric) organisation Strong Towns. Its founder Chuck Marohn informs my world view. Given Australia has followed a US model of development, Australia faces much the same issues as the US and is being sent just as financially south by following car-as-god model. Urban Upright and UIA are in no way anti-car. We are simply anti car-worship. Here is a Strong Towns introduction video:

It provides some insight as to where Urban Upright is coming from. Bye for now.

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