Wollongong is a Strong Town!

Over the weekend I received word that based on my application, Wollongong has been selected as one of the 16 competing cities in the Strong Towns competition for the ‘Strongest Town’. Now we [the people of Wollongong and others who care] just need to win the competition!

To do this we need members of the public to vote online for Wollongong! To do this we need to spread the word far and wide! To do this we need everyone’s help!

Today I was afforded the wonderful opportunity to speak with Melinda James of ABC Illawarra radio. The discussion will be aired Tuesday morning. Presumably many people looking at this blog post will have come here after listening to Melinda’s interview? Thank you for caring to look!

Go to this link here to vote for Wollongong. Votes need to be in by this Friday, the 3rd.

Initially Wollongong is up against Ellsworth, a small city in Maine in the far North East of the United States. Maine has a small downtown but is dominated by a large Walmart supercenter, a Home Depot, several large shopping malls and vast areas of paved car parking all on the outskirts of the urban area. It has nothing on Wollongong’s urban  core. Wollongong has every right to win this first round of competition!

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