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Category: Engineering philosophy

Wollongong is a Strong Town!

Over the weekend I received word that based on my application, Wollongong has been selected as one of the 16 competing cities in the Strong Towns competition for the ‘Strongest Town’. Now we [the people of Wollongong and others who care] just need to win the competition! To do this we need members of the public to vote online for Wollongong! To do this we need to spread the word far and wide! To do this we need everyone’s help! Today I was afforded the wonderful opportunity to speak with… Read more Wollongong is a Strong Town!

Strong Gong

This week I entered the city in which I live (Wollongong) into the Strong Towns competition for the ‘strongest town’. Strong Towns is a fascinating US organisation, already mentioned in my first blog, essentially focused on financial solvency of local area governments. While I don’t expect the US constituency to be delighted by my rouge entry, it was an interesting exercise to focus on the positives of my own domain. Wollongong is in the process of reinventing itself from its manufacturing past. It is doing both well and also failing… Read more Strong Gong